Cody J. Goodin

Principle | CampaignArc

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  • Arabic (MSA/Levantine Dialect - Read, Write, Speak)
  • Professional & In-Country Experience

  • Spanish (Read, Write, Speak)
  • Professional & In-Country Experience


  • B.S. Economics - The University of Utah

I am a motivated, results-oriented professional with a strategic mindset and a strong passion for developing brands. I love seeing brands grow, analyzing quantitative and qualitative nuances, and working with unique businesses and people worldwide. I excel at utilizing data-driven methodologies to guide teams and organizations in achieving their objectives by making well-informed decisions.

I have extensive experience designing, executing, and optimizing domestic and international marketing campaigns. I have a history of executing, managing, and analyzing over $1,000,000 annually in digital advertising expenditures.

An "Employee of the Year" award has acknowledged my dedication to excellence and outstanding performance. As a forward-thinking professional, I am committed to driving innovation, exceeding expectations, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.